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Where To Buy Sideways Cross Necklace ##BEST##

While the sideways cross meaning has no textbook definition, people have taken to giving it their own. Many people view the horizontal cross as a symbol of Jesus achieving the salvation of His people. As His work is finished, the cross has been laid down. He no longer has to carry the weight of the cross or the sins of His people. Unlike the inverted or upside down cross, the sideways cross has no negative connotations regarding the Christian faith. It is completely respectful to wear a sideways cross necklace or a side cross necklace in place of one with an upright cross.

where to buy sideways cross necklace

Since a cross lies horizontal when someone is carrying it on their shoulders, like Christ carrying the cross, some believe it can symbolize a person's choice to accept the Lord and His teachings.The symbolism behind this meaning is that devout Christians must take up their own cross and follow the Lord. In fact, some people believe that the sideways cross bares no difference from that of the standard Latin cross.

To some, the sideways cross is a symbol of Earth lying between Heaven and Hell. It is seen as a representation of humanity's struggle to live according to the word of God and resist temptation. This meaning also brings about the notion that while we are currently grounded here on earth, salvation awaits us in the heavenly realm upon resurrection of the soul.

In Nordic countries, the sideways cross exhibits a similar meaning. Often referred to as the Nordic Cross, this symbol is said to have originated in Denmark. According to legend, this flag was given to the people of Denmark in the year 1219. It is rumored that the flag fell from the sky during the battle of Lyndanisse. The flag was believed to be a sign from God in favor of the Danish forces, who later won the battle. The Nordic cross can most popularly be found on the flags of Norway, Denmark, and Sweden.

For those who seek no further meaning, the sideways cross is simply a fashion trend. A sleek and stylized design, the cross has long been used in the world of fashion and jewelry. The sideways cross is rather new to the jewelry world, but has taken off in popularity among celebrities in recent years. Stars like Jessica Biel, Selena Gomez, Jennifer Lopez, and Kourtney Kardashian have all been spotted wearing stylish and chic sideways cross jewelry.

Regardless of the meaning other people give it, the most important meaning is the one given by the wearer. Finding your own favorite interpretation is key. Whether you view the sideways cross as a symbol of Christian faith or just a chic fashion statement, it makes a truly timeless accessory.

Here at Phoenix Roze, we offer a fine selection of sideways cross jewelry like sideways cross necklaces, rings, and bracelets all crafted from 14kt gold. Certain styles feature pave-set diamonds like our White Diamond Sideways Cross Necklace. Find the style that speaks to you along with other spiritually inspired designs in our selection of Spiritual Jewelry.

With Dogeared's bestselling Faith Collection, belief is a beautiful thing! The small sideways cross necklace is a chic and charming reminder of what really matters most. It's inspirational elegance you can wear every day.....looks beautiful on its own, or layers well with other necklaces. Which is why..... you gotta have FAITH!

This necklace features an adorable sterling silver sideways cross hanging along a sterling silver chain. Each cross is carefully crafted with a beautiful finish. Add this adorable piece to your wardrobe today!

14K white gold sideways diamond cross necklace from the Reis-Nichols Collection. The necklace features 22 round brilliant cut diamonds weighing .06 ctw. The necklace is adjustable from 16-18" in length. 041b061a72


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