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Where To Buy Pillow Top Mattress Pad BETTER

We spend almost one-third of our lives either sleeping, napping, or just resting in hopes of falling asleep. Therefore, it is of huge importance to have a comfortable bed and a mattress that can actually support your body as you sleep. Since mattresses are quite expensive, people opt for cheaper options to save money. However, cheap mattresses do not always offer proper body support and comfort.

where to buy pillow top mattress pad

Buy a pillow top mattress topper for a mattress to make the mattress smoother, softer, and more comfortable. Laying a pillow top on an existing mattress provides the feeling of sleeping on a cloud.

Mattress toppers with a pillow top are lightweight and easy to install on a bed. Their plushness and thickness offer proper support without causing overheating whilst sleeping. Read our mattress topper guide to learn more about popular topper types and materials.

A pillow top is a mattress topper which adds softness to the underlying mattress while improving its support. Pillow tops are commonly made of cotton, wool, down or down alternative fillings which are also hypoallergenic.

While some people consider that these two items have the same purpose, the claim that pillow top mattress toppers and pillow top mattresses are the same is not accurate. While a pillow top mattress is a single item with a pillow-like surface sewn on to it (so it has both functionalities of a mattress and a pillow top), pillow top mattress toppers are separate items that are specifically designed to be put on top of mattresses, like this quilted pillow topper from Amazon.

As mentioned in the previous section, pillow top mattresses are mattresses with a pillow top surface attached to the mattress. The primary purpose of a pillow top mattress is to provide extra comfort by using various cushioned layers. So, without purchasing pads or mattress toppers separately, you can get sufficient fluffiness from a single product. While pillow top mattresses sound innovative and offer long-lasting comfort for your entire body, they are not suitable for pain relief.

First of all, pillow top mattresses are relatively expensive compared to those with traditional features. On average, pillow top mattresses cost somewhere between $400 and $1200+, depending on the mattress size, quality, and manufacturer. On the other hand, the price of a regular innerspring mattress ranges from $200 to $600. Pillow top mattresses made of memory foam or latex cores can even be more expensive than the price ranges mentioned above. As you can see, high-quality pillow top mattresses can be twice as expensive as regular innerspring ones.

You might want to consider getting a separate pillow top pad or topper instead of purchasing a pillow top mattress. A separate pillow top pad or topper is more affordable, easy to clean, maintain, and replace. We like this pillow top mattress topper from Amazon because of its plush quilted cotton covering and deep pockets.

What makes pillow top mattress pads and toppers so popular worldwide is that they are relatively budget-friendly and still offer some comfort to your body. If you do not struggle with pain in different parts of your body and just want to make your bed cozier, you should definitely purchase a pillow top mattress topper instead of other more costly options.

You can buy a pillow top mattress pad or a mattress topper for your bed to upgrade your mattress and modify its firmness by adding a layer of extra cushioning and comfort to your bed.

Overall, buying a pillow top pad or mattress topper is more cost-effective than buying a pillow top mattress. Read our article on choosing a mattress pad vs. a mattress topper for college where we discuss the differences and similarities between toppers and pads, and which type of mattress layering you will need for your bed.

To choose a pillow top mattress pad or topper, first inspect an existing mattress for wear and tear, determine what material the mattress is made of, and finally select the right dimensions of a pillow top pad or topper depending on the size, thickness, and material of the mattress.

Pillow top mattress pads and toppers are used to refresh old mattresses and make them feel brand new. So if your mattress is old, lumpy, and uncomfortable, then you should consider a pillow mattress topper to adjust the feel of the mattress and to cover its lumps. You may want to read about when to buy a mattress topper vs. replacing an existing mattress.

Pillow top pads and toppers are best used with innerspring and hybrid mattresses. A hybrid mattress has layers of spring or coil components and layers of foam, so that you have the support of a pocket spring plus the comfort of memory foam. A pillow top mattress topper or pad will enhance the comfort level of a hybrid mattress and an innerspring mattress with its plush filling. This hybrid mattress would pair well with this pillow top mattress pad, both from Amazon.

Determine the thickness of your mattress based on how tall you want the bed to be and how much extra cushioning you need. A good rule of thumb is that a 2 inch thick mattress will provide minimal cushioning, 3-4 will provide average cushioning, and 4 inches or more will provide a significant amount of cushioning. Only buy the 4+ inch thick pillow top mattress topper if your existing mattress is too firm and is giving you trouble. In most cases 3-4 inches is more than enough!

Although there is a large variety of mattress topper materials, memory foam is still among the most popular options worldwide. This is because memory foam mattress toppers are relatively affordable, and provide superb support to your entire body. Since memory foam toppers are so favored, it is essential to compare and contrast memory foam vs. pillow top mattress toppers.

The difference between a memory foam mattress topper and a pillow top mattress topper is that memory foam mattress toppers provide more support, motion isolation, and heat retention. In contrast, pillow top mattress toppers typically make a bed feel softer and more plush, whilst also being breathable and having a cooling effect.

A pillow top mattress pad is a great addition to a mattress that needs a little extra cushioning, and will create that sleeping-on-a-cloud-feeling. Pillow top mattress toppers also have the ability to help with temperature regulation during sleep because of their soft and lightweight fillings. Be sure to re-fluff them regularly so that they maintain their plump and luxurious texture. Also have a look at our article on how to make a hotel bed feel softer for more ideas that you can use to make your bed billowy and welcoming.

Because mattress toppers provide an even, supportive, and firm layer for you to sleep on, they can help relieve your back pain. Studies have found that sleeping on a firmer surface can help alleviate back pain.

Caggiari, Gianfilippo, et al. What type of mattress should be chosen to avoid back pain and improve sleep quality? Review of the literature. J Orthop Traumatol, vol 22, no. 1, 2021, pp. 51., doi:10.1186/s10195-021-00616-5

Even though the experts at The Better Sleep Council recommend replacing your existing mattress every seven years, a pillow-top mattress may have an even shorter life span if you don't properly maintain it. Because a pillow-top mattress has an extra layer of soft cushioning attached to the mattress surface, it requires special care to keep the plush top from breaking down. Extend the life of your pillow-top mattress by switching up the pressure points, keeping it squeaky clean, and protecting its cushy top.

Vacuum your mattress periodically to remove dust mites, food crumbs, skin flakes and other debris. The vacuum's suction also plumps up the cushy pillow top. Avoid dry-cleaning agents and spot removers, as the chemicals in these products may damage the pillow-top fabric as well as the underlying stuffing material. To remove a mattress stain, lightly rub the area with a clean rag dampened with a mixture of mild dish detergent and cold water. Wash your sheets weekly to keep your pillow top smelling fresh and clean.

Prolong the life of your pillow-top mattress by rotating it 180 degrees once every month. By rotating your mattress, you help avoid uneven wear, which can result in dips and sags from the same body weight in a similar position every night. If your mattress has a pillow top on both sides, you should also flip it every three months. A one-sided mattress has the plush top on only one side, with the bottom covered in an unattractive, non-skid material, and a two-sided pillow top looks the same on both sides. Avoid sitting on the edge of your pillow-top mattress, which can cause unsightly lumps and uneven wear.

Protect your pillow-top mattress with a zippered cover or pad. A waterproof cover encases your mattress to prevent staining, while preserving the shape of your pillow top. A plush, protective mattress pad stretches over the top and sides of a pillow-top mattress to provide an additional layer of soft comfort. Some mattress pads are washable and repel moisture to keep your pillow top fresh and clean. Use a high-quality bed frame with strong center supports and supportive box springs to save your pillow-top mattress from bowing or breaking.

Substitute an outdoor trampoline for your pillow-top mattress for your kids to jump on; rough-housing by kids and pets on your pillow-top mattress can result in a crushed and flattened pillow top with additional damage to its interior construction. If the interior core and plump pillow top are damaged, you will have to buy a replacement mattress.

One such topper comes from ViscoSoft. This topper comes in three-inch or four-inch options that will provide new life to an old mattress or give exceptional pressure relief to a firm mattress, all while keeping you cool.

If you love the plush comfort of down to surround you while you sleep, you can find it with the Brooklinen down mattress topper! This topper combines the plush comfort of down clusters with supportive, plump feathers to soften your bed, and cradle you in soft, feathery goodness. 041b061a72


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