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FINAL FANTASY I: A Remastered Edition of the Game that Started it All

How to Download Final Fantasy I, the Classic RPG that Started It All

If you are a fan of role-playing games (RPGs), you have probably heard of Final Fantasy, one of the most popular and influential franchises in the genre. But do you know where it all began? In this article, we will show you how to download Final Fantasy I, the first game in the series that was released in 1987 for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). We will also tell you what makes this game so special and how to enjoy it on your modern devices.

What is Final Fantasy I?

Final Fantasy I is a fantasy RPG developed and published by Square, a Japanese company that later became Square Enix. It is the first game in the Final Fantasy series, created by Hironobu Sakaguchi, who was inspired by other RPGs such as Dragon Quest and Ultima. The game was a huge success in Japan and saved Square from bankruptcy. It was also released in North America in 1990, where it received positive reviews and introduced many players to the RPG genre.

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The story and gameplay of Final Fantasy I

The game follows four youths called the Warriors of Light, who each carry one of their world's four elemental crystals which have been darkened by the four Elemental Fiends. Together, they quest to defeat these evil forces, restore light to the crystals, and save their world. Along the way, they encounter various characters, monsters, dungeons, and towns.

The game features a turn-based combat system, where the player can choose from six classes for each character: Fighter, Thief, Black Belt, Red Mage, White Mage, and Black Mage. Each class has different abilities, weapons, armor, and magic spells. The player can also customize their characters' names and appearance. The game also has a level-up system, where the characters gain experience points (EXP) from battles and increase their attributes such as HP (health points), MP (magic points), strength, agility, intelligence, and luck.

The legacy and influence of Final Fantasy I

Final Fantasy I is widely regarded as one of the most influential and successful RPGs on the NES, playing a major role in popularizing the genre. It established many elements that would become staples of the Final Fantasy series and RPGs in general, such as the four-person party system, the job system, the chocobo mounts, the airship transportation, the save points, the world map, and the musical themes composed by Nobuo Uematsu. The game also spawned many sequels and spin-offs, as well as remakes and ports for various platforms.

Where to Download Final Fantasy I?

There are several ways to download Final Fantasy I, depending on which version you want to play. Here are some of the options:

The original NES version of Final Fantasy I

If you want to experience the game as it was originally released in 1987 (or 1990 for North America), you can download the NES ROM file from various websites that host retro games. However, you will need an NES emulator program to run it on your computer or mobile device. Emulators are software that mimic the hardware and software of old consoles. Some examples of NES emulators are Nestopia UE, FCEUX, Mesen, Nostalgia.NES (for Android), and NES.emu (for iOS). You will also need to configure your emulator settings and controls before playing.

The remastered versions of Final Fantasy I

If you prefer to play a more modern and enhanced version of Final Fantasy I, you can download the pixel remaster version of the game from Steam. This version was released in 2022 and features new 2D pixel graphics, a rearranged soundtrack, an improved user interface, an auto-battle option, and other extras such as a bestiary, an illustration gallery, and a music player. The pixel remaster version is compatible with Windows 10 and requires 2 GB of RAM, 1 GB of storage space, and a DirectX 10 compatible graphics card. The pixel remaster version of Final Fantasy I

The pixel remaster version of Final Fantasy I is the latest and most faithful remake of the original game. It preserves the classic gameplay and story, while updating the graphics and sound to match modern standards. The pixel remaster version also includes some quality-of-life features, such as:

  • A quick save function that lets you save your progress anytime and anywhere.

  • A memo file function that lets you create up to four separate save files for different playthroughs.

  • A monster book function that lets you view information and illustrations of the enemies you have encountered.

  • An art gallery function that lets you view concept art and promotional images of the game.

  • A music player function that lets you listen to the original and rearranged versions of the game's soundtrack.

The pixel remaster version of Final Fantasy I also has some optional features that you can toggle on or off, such as:

  • A high-speed mode that lets you speed up the game by pressing a button.

  • An auto-battle mode that lets you automate your party's actions in combat.

  • A message skip mode that lets you skip dialogue and cutscenes by pressing a button.

  • A screen filter mode that lets you adjust the brightness and contrast of the game's display.

The other remakes and ports of Final Fantasy I

If you are interested in other versions of Final Fantasy I, you can also check out the following remakes and ports that have been released over the years:

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WonderSwan Color2000Improved graphics and sound, new dungeon (Soul of Chaos), new boss (Chronodia)

PlayStation2002Based on WonderSwan Color version, added FMV sequences, new dungeon (Labyrinth of Time), new boss (Shinryu)

Game Boy Advance2004Based on PlayStation version, added four new jobs (Gladiator, Cannoneer, Necromancer, Oracle), new dungeon (Whisperwind Cove), new boss (Omega)

PSP2007Based on Game Boy Advance version, enhanced graphics and sound, added gallery mode, new dungeon (Labyrinth of Time), new boss (Shinryu)

iOS/Android2010/2012Based on PSP version, touch screen controls, cloud save function, achievements

NES Classic Edition2016The original NES version of the game, playable on a mini console with HDMI output

PS4/Switch2023Based on pixel remaster version, added soundtrack and font options, added random encounter toggle, added experience adjustment feature

How to Install and Play Final Fantasy I?

The system requirements and compatibility of Final Fantasy I

To install and play Final Fantasy I on your device, you need to make sure that it meets the minimum system requirements and compatibility for the version you want to play. Here are some guidelines for each platform:

  • For the NES version, you need an NES emulator program that can run NES ROM files. You also need to check the legality of downloading ROM files in your region.

  • For the pixel remaster version, you need a Windows 10 PC with at least 2 GB of RAM, 1 GB of storage space, and a DirectX 10 compatible graphics card. You also need a Steam account to purchase and download the game from Steam.

  • For the other remakes and ports, you need the corresponding console or device that can play the game. You also need to purchase the game from the official store or a trusted retailer. You also need to check the compatibility of the game with your device's model and software version.

The installation and setup process of Final Fantasy I

Once you have downloaded or purchased the game, you need to install and set it up on your device.


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