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Coca-Cola Recipe Tin Collection Book 17l

This series includes several types of account books, including plant ledgers, check registers, and a daybook. Plant ledgers were kept by individual bottling plant and they document sales information, general office and administration expenses, interest, payroll, profit and loss, retirement collection, school taxes, unemployment insurance, tax collection, and loans to other plant locations. Ledgers with the a/b designation denote volumes where a category of account starts in one ledger and continues into the next ledger for that location. The ledgers are all oversized and are stored on the shelves immediately following box 1. Check register/plant ledgers record every check written while the ledger was kept. The plant ledgers included are abbreviated versions of the accounting plant ledgers. The day book records by week the sale of coca-cola by salesmen driving trucks in 1919. This day book may have been kept while Walter L. Sams was manager of the Staunton Coca-Cola Bottling works owned by Sams's father-in-law, James E. Crass.

Coca-Cola Recipe Tin Collection Book 17l

Brooklyn apartments are known for their modest size, but square footage hasn't stopped Scott Wiener from amassing a wealth of pizza boxes. He has more than 600 unique boxes neatly broken down and stacked inside his small apartment. His collection comes from 42 different countries, a feat he has managed with the help of fans who send boxes from their favorite pizzerias. The pizza aficionado has written a book about pizza box design and runs his own company that leads interested visitors on tours of pizza-related points of interest around New York City.

The key to the tastiest BBQ flavor here lies in both the sauce and the technique of glazing the drumsticks. Returning them to the air fryer sets the glaze to finger-licking stickiness (a GREAT thing in our book). If you already have a favorite brand of BBQ sauce, feel free to streamline the recipe and use 1 cup of that instead of our homemade version. 350c69d7ab


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